Queen of America -Beautiful Realistic Vibrating Blow up Doll

Rs. 25,000.00

A stunningly beautiful life like sex doll with a mannequin head which is a feature of good quality love dolls, realistic blonde hair, long eye lashes, brown eyes, kissable lips and a soft mouth. The Queen of America love doll has real feel pussy and anus holes that are unbelievably like real skin, the vagina is molded perfectly to produce a tight fit around the penis. The queen will also vibrate, she has a five speed controller to vary the vibrating sensations. This Toy Joy vibrating love doll is a quality sex doll and with so many features it is no wonder this life like sex doll has been a best seller for years. Includes foot pump for rapid inflation and a repair kit for any mishaps!

Bring home this Euro-American Beauty,

Your Perfect “Anytime and Anywhere” Companion, A good Friend and Partner

That’s one of the best Love Dolls you would have ever wished to own,

She blows upto nearly 5 feet; She has all the features of a Sexy Beautiful Girl, 

This Product is Extremely Beautiful and carries minute detailing like- Realistic Big Breasts, Realistic Silicon Nipples, Realistic Goodlooking Body and Face, Hairs, Hands and Legs including fingers and nails, 

This inflatable Doll is 40% Near Solid / Realistic Skinfeel Material, Realistic Solid Materials at the Face / Breasts / Hands and Legs, 100% Washable and Reusable, 

The 100% Imported KIT also consists of Pump and Multi Function Vibrator and Voice Simulator including a Repair kit, 

This product can take a force of upto 400 Kgs (We recommend you not to use force or sleep over the Doll)

Such products dont come with Warranty / Guarantee / Replacement or Refund, We request you to take care for optimum duration / utility, 

Kindly Call for any further information or support, 

Basic Information-

-Made from High quality TPE Materials,

-Deflated/Pack Size- Length 16inches-Bredth 11 inches

-Inflated Size- Upto 5Feet

-Very Good Looking, Comes with Hairs, Breasts, Silicon Nipples, Silicon Vagina and Anus, Vibrator, and Pump,

-Includes a Complimentary exotic and sexy Lingerie / Nightwear

-Wash it with Cold water, Pat Dry and Store for Reuse